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2 Jun 2012   -   New Colour for Fingerlime Colours

new fingerline colourAfter several years of trialling by Judy Viola of JV Citrus and subsequent trialling by Fingerlime Colours, we have decided to plant production quantities of Judy’s superb yellow/green variety. The yellow/green has a dark green skin with bright, translucent yellow caviar pulp and it meets all of the quality selection criteria for Fingerlime Colours, such as flavour, colour, low-seed content and long shelf life. Typical of all varieties supplied to Fingerlime Colours by Judy, the ripe fruit is large and plump and the pulp extrudes easily and cleanly from the rind. The yellow caviar has a delicious and refreshing, mild-lemony taste and Fingerlime Colours expects it to be an instant hit with our customers.


Judy will commence grafting of this variety for Fingerlime Colours next spring with a first planting expected in 2013. Fingerlime Colours will keep planting the yellow/green in subsequent seasons with an end target of 500 trees. Judy says she will also commence the process of registering this variety with ACRA and by the time it is in production it will probably be sold under its new ACRA registered variety name.


Fingerlime Colours is expecting to be in a position to exclusively offer the market the first harvest of this new delicious and exciting variety in early 2015.

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