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Our Mentor

Judy Viola

australian organic fingerlimes
The Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica) is native to the rainforests of the border ranges of Northern NSW and SE Queensland , however it has only been commercially propagated for about twenty years.


Mrs. Judy Viola, who runs a commercial citrus nursery in Bangalow, NSW, pioneered the successful grafting of finger lime cultivars on to commercial rootstock. She has been supplying grafted trees to commercial growers since the industry first started. Judy is an acknowledged expert in this field and is an advisor to the industry and associated government departments, who consider her to be a "national treasure".


Mr Phillip Wilk, District Horticulturist of the Dept. of Industry, NSW writes: "I personally know of no other person who has her experience and depth of knowledge with regard to the commercial propagation and production of the native finger lime in Australia".


 Judy has propagated all of the excellent commercial varieties we grow and Fingerlimecolours is privileged to have her as our mentor and advisor as she continues to guide us in the art of producing this unique native fruit.